The Hobby Page:

Engineering Test Flight

Hello visitor, so you made it this far. Here are some of my hobbies - that’s a lot for any person I know, but what you don’t know is that I do a lot more than what’s here on this page. Other things that really fascinate me are: Astronomy, Political Science, Nature and Biology, Economics and Business, Philosophy, Satire and so much more.

I can speak reasonably well about many things but I’m certainly no master. Do you remember a show created by James Burke called “Connections?” If you ever watched BBC in America, you may have seen his thrilling, entertaining and fascinating shows about how technology, politics, serendipitous encounters, weather and more, intertwined and created processes or inventions that shape our world today. In a way, that’s what interests me: The larger questions: Who are we and how did we get here. That’s a simple two part question that we can spend our lives answering.

This page is the jumping off point for exploring some of my hobbies. A couple of pages will be brief and provide just a glimpse of what I’m up to. Other pages will be much more in depth: Particularly that of my model aviation hobby. I have a lot of experience in the hobby (some call it a sport, but I class sports as activities where you interact more physically with the object of entertainment).

Hopefully you’ll find something entertaining and instructive, particularly as I am working toward completing a book on one aspect of my hobby. There are photographs, technical information and perhaps even a recipe that you may browse. Food for the mind and body!